Outsourcing Service

Individual based

Is recruiting people to follow the scope of work and needs of customers in various fields, such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, letters, urgent tasks or special needs jobs. Responsibility and supervision of personnel will be the duty of the service provider upon completion of the contract. This will help service recipients to reduce the cost of personnel management in hiring these personnel and can effectively manage the budget.

Project based

Is a contractor service for each piece of work Which requires skilled personnel And diverse expertise with clearly defined completion periods (beginning and ending) depending on the needs of the client, such as the work that requires a large number of personnel Or work that requires special expertise such as data recording, administrative work, public relations projects And other jobs according to the needs of customers

Back Office Administration

Is to provide care services for various functions Or providing support services within the organization which is suitable for small and medium-sized organizations (SME) in the areas of personal, accounting, administrative and other related tasks Including inspection services New employee records (Background Checks), hire, checking work history, education history, criminal background checks and credit bureau checks

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Business Process Management Consultant

Is providing services to analyze problems and obstacles in operations As well as offering guidelines for solving problems for the organization Business process management Analyze activities Work processes, problems or obstacles in operations that occur within the organization By helping business processes to be productive and effective to meet the needs of employees and organizations Including for the organization to achieve its purpose Amid the business changes By focusing primarily on Human resource management of organizations such as personnel selection Position planning Or management of talented people, etc.

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Human Resources Management Software Solutions

Is a software consultant, personnel management that helps to control personnel management work such as Personnel Organization, Time Attendance, Payroll and various systems to help customers manage the human resource management system effectively. Can use the remaining time to focus on other work

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